Photo of Dolores Huerta

United Farm Workers


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Audio, Studs Terkel interview with Dolores Huerta, 1978
Canadian supporters of the UFW, 1968
Dolores Huerta, 1973
Farmworkers, c. 1970
Grape boycott button, c. 1960-75
Huelga Delano button, c. 1960-75
Huelga! flyer, c. 1960-75
I Am Somebody flyer, c. 1960-75
Labor support flyer, c. 1960-75
Mobilization flyer, c. 1960-75
Prop 14 flyer, 1976
Stand Up for Farmworkers sign, c. 1960-75
UFW bumper sticker, c. 1960-75
UFW bumper sticker, c. 1970
UFW button, c. 1960-75
UFW button, c.1960-75
UFW march poster, 1994
UFW poster, c. 1960-75
Union label poster, undated
Vote UFW flyer, c. 1960-75