Project Credits

Facing Freedom in America is the result of a collaboration among the Chicago History Museum, classroom teachers, and their students. The following organizations and people graciously contributed their time and talents toward the creation of this website.

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Educational programs and resources for Facing Freedom are generously supported by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.


Project Direction

Enrique Gonzalez, Multimedia Developer
Heidi Moisan, School Programs Manager

Teacher Advisory Panel

Megan Murray Cusick, Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative School
Lindsay Knorps, Oscar Mayer Magnet
Laura LeMone, Benito Juarez Community Academy
Kelly Luka, St. Benedict
Jessica Majors, Catherine Cook School
Steve Schwartz, Oak Park and River Forest High School
Kathryn Wegner, Thomas Kelly High School
Nicole Wilson, St. Barbara Elementary School

Chicago History Museum Staff

Phyllis Rabineau, Vice President for Interpretation and Education
Lynn McRainey, Elizabeth F. Cheney Director of Education
Nancy Villafranca-Guzman, Elizabeth F. Cheney Director of Education
Rosemary Adams, Director of Publications
Heidi Moisan, School Programs Manager
Emily Nordstrom, Editor
Heidi Samuelson, Editor
Peter Alter, Archivist
Joy Bivens, Curator
Julie Katz, Registrar

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