Photo of a Pullman porter

Pullman Porters

CHICAGO, 1920s

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There are 42 items in this collection.
A. Philip Randolph, c. 1935
Berth key, undated
Booklet, 1937
BSCP march, 1950
BSCP members, 1938
Charter Announcement, 1936
Employee Handbook Instructions to Porters, Attendants, and Maids, 1939
Flyer advertising a speech by A. Philip Randolph, 1942
Flyer, 1932
Flyer, c. 1926-28
Halena Wilson, 1946
Identification card (front), 1946
Identification card (reverse), 1946
Membership card, 1951
Membership Certificate, 1929
Milton Webster, c. 1950
Name card, c.1955
Parade, c.1940-55
Porter and passenger, undated
Porter assisting passengers, undated
Porter at boarding time, undated
Porter at work, undated
Porter checking paperwork, undated
Porter during boarding, c. 1905
Porter making a bed, 1943
Porter moving luggage, undated
Porter ready to assist, undated
Porter resting, undated
Porter shining shoes, undated
Porter smoothing sheets, undated
Porter, undated
Pullman porter cap, c. 1965
Pullman Porter, undated
Pullman train interior, undated
Pullman trains, undated
Rally announcement, 1928
Sample union ballot, 1946
Strike notice, 1928
Strike postponement notice, 1928
Telegram, 1944
Ticket, undated
Union meeting, undated