Photo of a slave



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Account book, 1840-60
Audio: Sarah Grimke, undated
Bill of sale, 1838
Book, 1839
Group of formerly enslaved people, 1862
Letter (front), 1852
Letter (reverse), 1852
Letter, 1851
Painting, After the Sale, Slaves Going South from Richmond, 1824-1919
Receipt, 1817
Runaway slave poster, 1861
Runaway slave poster, c.1850-60
Sale poster, 1852
Slave auction advertisement (reverse), 1852
Slave auction house ledger, 1864
Slave tax badge, 1812
Slave tax badge, 1829
Slave tax badges, 1847
Tax receipt, undated
Unknown Woman, c. 1900
Wilson Chinn, c. 1863