Photo of a Japanese boy

Japanese Internment


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Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941
Audio: Merry Oya, 2010
Audio: Min Imamura, 2010
Barbed wire, c. 1943
Bookshelf, c. 1942
Evacuation poster, 1942
Evacuation poster, 1942
Franklin D. Roosevelt, c. 1932
Hanafuda cards and box, c. 1943
Internee baseball game, c. 1942-45
Internees in farm field, c. 1942-45
Internment camp barracks, 1943
Internment camp guard tower, 1943
Internment identification tag, 1944
Japanese American Buddhist conference, Los Angeles, 1936
Japanese internee's trunk, c. 1942
Letter from President George H. W. Bush to former internees, 1990
Merry Oya, 1943
Minoru Imamura, c. 1943
Mochida family, California, 1942
Painting, c. 1943
Polished rock, c. 1942
Report card, 1943
Serviceman, 1944
Shell pin, c. 1942
Shell pin, c. 1942
Sweater, c. 1942-45
Tapestry, 1943
Tule Lake internment camp, c. 1942-45
Two internees, 1943
Video: Who is the enemy?
War Relocation Authority, application for leave clearance, c. 1943
Wooden birds, c.1942-45
World War II propaganda poster, 1944
World War II propaganda poster, 1945
Yearbook cover, 1944
Yearbook pages, basketball team, 1944
Yearbook pages, co-ed attendants, 1944
Yearbook pages, football team, 1944
Yearbook pages, June Seniors, 1944
Yearbook pages, school choruses, 1944
Yearbook pages, seventh and eighth grades, 1944
Yearbook pages, snapshots, 1944
Yearbook pages, sophomore class, 1944
“Life” magazine, December 22, 1941