Photo of suffragist Trixie Friganza

Votes for Women


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Ballot box, 1912
Calendar card, 1916
Campaign of Noise, anti-suffrage pamphlet, 1913
Grace Wilbur Trout leading parade, 1914
Grace Wilbur Trout, 1914
Illinois suffragists, 1913
Jane Addams during Republican National Convention, 1912
Mabel Vernon addressing crowd, 1916
Mabel Vernon, c. 1910
Margaret Haley and others, c. 1915
National Woman’s Party Convention advertisement, 1916
National Woman’s Party Convention leaflet, 1916
National Woman’s Party Convention program, 1916
Preparing for national demonstration, 1913
Sara Bard Field speaking at suffrage event, c. 1915
Specimen ballot, 1912
Suffrage button, c. 1910
Suffrage club meeting, 1905
Suffrage march button, 1915
Suffrage march, 1916
Suffrage parade, c. 1915
Suffragist distributing flyer, c. 1915
Suffragist holding sign, 1914
Suffragists in car, c.1910
Suffragists marching on Michigan Avenue, 1914
Suffragists supporting Wilson, 1916
The Making of Voters, anti-suffrage pamphlet, 1912
University trustee voting leaflet, 1894
Votes for Women button, c. 1910
Votes for Women flag pin, c. 1915
Woman Suffrage Party notice, 1916
Woman’s Moral Duty, anti-suffrage pamphlet, 1913