Joy Bivins
Joy Bivins
Chicago History Museum

Do you have to speak up to speak out?

Recently, Wikipedia along with other websites went black for a 24-hour period. The blackout was in protest of anti-piracy legislation in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Protestors argued that anti-piracy laws could stop the free exchange of information and lead to online censorship. Supporters say the laws could keep protected work, such as films and music, safe.

The legislation died in Congress. And, some would argue it was because of the “noise” made online not just by Wikipedia and other sites. Silent protest is nothing new. Suffragists used it as part of their nonviolent protest to gain the vote and recently in Chicago, protestors marched outside of the mayor’s home with their mouths taped to show that they had been excluded from decisions made about city schools.

How can silence be a form of resistance? Tell me what you think.

Discussion closed on May 16, 2012