Joy Bivins
Joy Bivins
Chicago History Museum

Are unions still necessary to protect workers?

There are those who think unions (organized labor) are great, and those that think they are terrible. The subject has been a touchy one for Americans for decades. Union membership was at its height during the 1950s, but has been on the decline since that time. Despite the decline, the issue of unions still stirs up great debate.

Why would I even ask this question? If most American workers aren’t members of unions, it would seem that there has been a decision, right? Well, recent battles in states like Indiana, Ohio, and especially Wisconsin, seem to suggest that the debate continues, and that passion on both sides still runs deep. The actions of legislators, as well as ordinary citizens, prompted me to ask this question.

It appears that this issue is still relevant. As future, and perhaps current, workers,  what do you think? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the topic.

Discussion closed on October 12, 2011